• 247 Total Properties
  • £0 Total Purchase Loans Required
  • £74,198,845 Total Remortgage Loans Required

About Us

We are a business to business entity that has been developed by the founder of Landlord Mortgages to mediate between two businesses who wish to create a loan agreement that is secured/charged against a UK property(s).

We mediate between a business who wants to lend and a business who wants to borrow. Due to the nature of our background it is more than likely that the borrowing business will be a landlord that has been incorporated by way of creating a Specialist Property Vehicle and/or trading business**

** A trading business could be a business that operates in a property specific environment such as property developing for resale.

Efficient Lending

By strictly mediating business to business loan agreements only we believe that this platform is best placed to flourish with minimal regulatory restrictions.

If a business wants to lend and a business wants to borrow then they agree their own terms.

A traditional bank, by gaining a banking licence, will continue to struggle to remain as dynamic as those lending businesses on this platform but inherently by the nature of our platform it attracts institutional investors, private equity firms, banks and building societies as well as businesses who want to securitise company profits.


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